The Goal of Electrolysis

The goal of Electrolysis is to kill the papilla, which is a group of blood vessels in every hair follicle. The papilla contains the cells that cause the next hair to grow, so killing the papilla (along with the tissue surrounding it) means no more hair in that follicle – ever!

The Procedure

How do we achieve the goal of killing the hair source, the papilla?

A very fine wire or “needle” is inserted into the hair follicle. Current is applied to the hair through the needle and, hopefully, reaches the papilla, completely destroying it. If some of the “hair germ cells” remain living, a new hair will grow, and the procedure will be repeated. Eventually, with patience and persistence, the area(s) with unwanted hair will be cleared permanently.

Who Benefits? 

People of both genders and all races benefit from hair removal by electrolysis.  Any part of the body except for inside of the nose and inside of the ears may be treated.  To see some of the more common treatment areas, click here.