Stages of Hair Growth

The body is covered in hair follicles, but not every follicle has a hair growing out of it.  If a hair is growing, it is in one of three phases of growth:

    • The anagen phase represents an actively growing hair. Over 80% of hair is in this stage.  The goal of electrolysis is to destroy the papilla beneath the root of a hair in the anagen phase.  This is best achieved using the Blend method of electrolysis which is able to kill the papilla even if the follicle is not straight.
    • The catagen phase is the transitional stage in which the papilla detaches from the hair so that the follicle can renew itself. If the hair is still attached during treatment, the papilla can still be killed.
    • The telogen phase is the resting phase which follows the catagen phase. The papilla is completely detached and is in the process of regenerating a new hair.  If this hair is treated, the papilla is not killed, and re-growth will occur. The old hair sheds when the new hair in the follicle starts to grow.

Changes in hormone levels can easily cause once dormant follicles to suddenly grow hair.  This is not re-growth since these hairs have never been treated.