The Papilla

At the base of each hair follicle is a dermal papilla – a large structure of connective tissue, blood vessels and “hair germ cells” lying beneath the hair root. Since each hair relies on a dermal papilla to provide nourishment, the destruction of the papilla leads to the permanently removal of the hair from that follicle.

In thermolysis, the papilla is destroyed by the heat produced with a “microwave like”  cooking of the connective tissue. Laser hair removal attempts to destroy the papilla with selective photothermolysis in which the necessary heat is produced by the melanin absorbing the energy of the laser light.  The true electrolysis current chemically dissolves the tissue with the lye created in the follicle.  The Blend destroys the tissue with a combination of thermolysis and the accelerated chemical production of lye in the follicle.

All methods used to destroy the papilla require that the hair is in an actively growing stage in which the follicle is attached to the papilla.