Re-growth of treated hair

An electrology client might discover hair in a treated area due to real or perceived re-growth.   Real re-growth (hair growing out of a treated follicle) occurs for the following reasons:

  • The hair is treated during the telogen phase of hair growth when the papilla is not attached to the hair.
  • The follicle is not straight, and the current does not reach the papilla during thermolysis.
  • The papilla is only weakened and not killed.

The Blend method of electrolysis which combines chemical treatment with heat treatment of the papilla leads to lower re-growth rates since non-straight follicles are more effectively treated. Re-treatment with the Blend is very effective in killing the papilla and permanently removing the hair.

Perceived re-growth occurs most often at the beginning of electrolysis treatment as plucked hair is replaced by hair emerging from untreated follicles. This replacement hair emerges over four to twelve weeks Рor longer if plucking continues. As the new hair emerges, it is treated for the first time, and the process of permanent removal is begun.   Also, if a hormonal problem underlies the original unwanted hair growth, hair can emerge from previously inactive follicles until the hormonal problem is resolved.