The Blend

The Blend method is simply the blending of the two currents — electrolysis and thermolysis — in order to produce a method with low re-growth rate and a relatively short treatment time.

The true electrolysis current (galvanic) was invented in 1875. This current causes the salt and water in a hair follicle to form lye which dissolves the papilla at the bottom of the hair follicle, even if the follicle is not straight.  Although this current has a low re-growth rate (10-20%), it takes about three minutes or so per hair and is rarely used by itself.

The thermolysis method was invented in 1933 and is still the most common method of permanent hair removal.   This current  ”cooks” the papilla  like a microwave and only takes seconds per hair. Thus, many more hairs are removed during a session compared to true electrolysis. The disadvantage is an average re-growth rate of 40-60% due mostly to non-straight follicles.

The Blend is able to combine the virtues of the individual methods. It has a low re-growth rate (10-20%) just like the electrolysis current and short per-hair treatment times like thermolysis. The heat produced by the thermolysis current causes the lye created by the electrolysis current to be produced faster and to “whip around” the follicle. It takes about 4-15 seconds to successfully treat an unwanted hair with the Blend.